Each generation is different – GEN III is better. Its combination of highly rigid steel cord tension members and abrasion-resistant polyurethane make the CONTI® SYNCHROFLEX GEN III polyurethane timing belt incredibly accurate and hard-wearing. The CONTI® SYNCHROFLEX GEN III ensures maximum precision and reliability, even in temperatures of up to 100°C. GEN III has increased power transmission by 25% compared to the AT/ATP standard. The belt also has an economic advantage: All CONTI® SYNCHROFLEX GEN III polyurethane timing belts are suitable for use with standard AT/ATP synchronous pulleys.


Properties (special technical features)

  • constant length
  • wear resistant
  • up to 25 % higher power transmission
  • temperature resistant from -30 °C to +100 °C (temperatures in the threshold range on request)
  • highly flexible
  • reduction of running noise through narrow belt width
  • fatigue-free
  • hydrolytically stable
  • resistant to ageing
  • resistant to simple oils, greases and petrol
  • resistant to some acids and lyes
  • silicone-free raw materials and production


  • Profile: AT 3; length range Lw (mm): 150 – 1011
  • Profile: AT 5; length range Lw (mm): 225 – 2000
  • Profile: AT 10; length range Lw (mm): 440 – 1940
  • Profile: ATP 10; length range Lw (mm): 630 – 1800
  • Profile: ATP 15; length range Lw (mm): 1125 – 1560
  • Profile: AT 20; length range Lw (mm): 1000 – 1960

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