Industry: Packaging technology

The packaging industry is one of the most versatile economic sectors out there, as it handles a
plethora of different materials. These include paper, plastic, film, glass, cardboard and metal and
have to be processed using highly automated workflows in state-of-the-art packaging lines. With
WHM, you have the right partner by your side in this fast-moving and complex industry.
Manufacturers and users of packaging lines and machines all around the world have been using our
solutions with great success for multiple decades.

Increase the efficiency of your packaging systems, optimise your use of resources and process
products safely, precisely, quickly and gently in a compact space. WHM offers you an extensive
portfolio of both standardised and customised solutions and products for this purpose.

Our product range in the field of packaging technology:

In packaging systems, timing belts are indispensable in many applications. With our BRECO and
CONTINENTAL timing belts, we offer one of the world's largest, top-quality ranges of polyurethane
timing belts. Be it for precise positioning, transporting light or heavy goods, packaging foodstuffs,
film wrapping under vacuum or extreme accelerations in pick & place applications - BRECO,
BRECOFLEX and CONTI SYNCHROFLEX timing belts have proven to be reliable and maintenance-free
for many decades. Customised solutions play an important role in packaging. This is another area of
profound expertise for WHM. In our production facility, we turn standard belts into customised drive
components through coating, adding cams, punching and milling. Cam belts offer positive drive of
the transported goods and our customers can rest assured that the connection between the back of
the timing belt and the cam will remain secure. More than 3,000 injection moulds and customer-
specific weld-on profiles are available.

Sensitive films for packaging or flat and light goods can be transported using suction belts (vacuum
belts). In this segment, it is possible to either adapt standard belts or use the BRECOvacuum. The
latter is an effective all-in-one solution with a specially adapted component system.

Ideal solutions in the field of plastics technology

Customers in the packaging industry can also rely on our expertise in the field of plastics production.
We offer a wide range of customised plastic solutions: When designing and producing CNC plastic
milled parts, close collaboration with our customers and joint solutions are our top priority. We
manufacture high-quality milled parts from a wide variety of thermoplastics and thermosets such as
PA 6, PE, PET, POM, PC and PMMA (with the brand names Makrolon®/Exolon® and Plexiglas®). The
latter materials are turned into machine cladding, panels, access guards, blinds and finger guards in
our production lines for acrylic glass processing. For smaller or medium quantities with simpler
contours, we offer deep drawing or vacuum forming technology for cost-effective, rapid production
of pilot lots or small batches.