Industry: Medical and analytical technology

Barely any other industry has made as much progress in the past decades, and barely any other
industry makes such enormous demands of producers and manufacturers, as medical and analytical
technology. With WHM, you have a qualified partner by your side, allowing you to benefit from our
extensive know-how and a high level of consulting expertise. Our many years of experience in
plastics technology, combined with our versatile product know-how, represents an enormous
competitive advantage for you.

For decades, WHM has proven itself a reliable partner for laboratory, analysis and measurement
technology. WHM offers high-end products for visual monitoring of production processes at a first-
class level, with measuring and analysis blocks made of acrylic glass, produced with great precision
based on drawings.

Our in-house quality assurance department carefully checks each product before it is shipped to
ensure the best possible result and to meet our customer’s goals for precision and reliability, both
those that are necessary and those that are ambitious.

Our product range in the field of medical and analytical technology:

Customers in our drive technology segment primarily choose the reliable BRECOFLEX® and CONTI®
SYNCHROFLEX timing belts in smaller pitches as drive belts in analytical equipment.
From the first steps of quality planning through an ongoing improvement process to ensuring
supplier quality, quality management at WHM is an essential pillar of our successful corporate
philosophy. WHM is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 so that we can offer customers the
greatest possible safety and transparency.