Industry: Food

Every industry has its challenges, and with these challenges comes the call to develop solutions and
overcome obstacles. Nevertheless, hardly any other industry faces as many challenges as the food
industry, among them numerous directives and conformity criteria.

WHM offers its customers and partners expertise and experience in this business segment, enabling
them to make full use of their capacities thanks to an optimised selection of products.
In addition to complex hygiene regulations, the food industry has special demands for automation
technology used for transporting, sorting and processing foodstuffs.

Our product range in the field of food technology:

WHM’s drive technology range includes coated timing belts for the food industry which are, of
course, FDA-compliant, just like the BRECOprotect. The latter product is a specially developed timing
belt that is ideal for use in the food industry. It meets all relevant criteria for contact with food, is
easy to clean thanks to its design and cannot corrode. For transporting foodstuffs, WHM offers cam
timing belts in a wide variety of designs. In this segment, customers can benefit from friction welding
as a modern manufacturing process and can choose from 3,000 injection moulds.

We offer not just CNC milled parts made from a wide variety of plastics but also customised acrylic
glass and deep-drawn parts. In our development and design work we focus fully on customer
benefits to create the best possible result together with our customers. In addition to the above, we
offer moulded rubber parts, such as rings made of silicone or natural rubber, which are used in a
wide variety of production steps in the food industry and which we - and this goes without saying -
design according to special customer requests and requirements.