Industry: Machine tool manufacturing

Milling, turning, grinding, drilling, cutting, measuring - in machine tool manufacturing, the use of
reliable and dependable components is essential for achieving optimum results. WHM has been
meeting these high demands for decades as a reliable partner to the machine tool industry. These
demands are the result of enormous strain on the components and the use of various coolants and
lubricants. Our products help our customers manufacture efficient, innovative products that meet
the growing demands of the market and are always in line with the latest requirements.

Our product range in the field of machine tool manufacturing:

To manufacture or operate high-precision machine tools, our customers require particularly powerful
timing belts: High-performance polyurethane timing belts from the manufacturers CONTI® and
BRECO® are often the first choice. The CONTI® SYNCHROFLEX GEN III has proven just as
advantageous for our customers as the BRECOFLEX® or the highly advanced BRECOFLEXmove® from
the manufacturer BRECO®. These PU belts are usually exposed to enormous demands during use,
resulting e.g. from specially adapted coolant. That is why we focus not just on product performance,
but also on durability. If you work in this industry, we are the ideal partner for you. We will work with
you to develop an efficient production solution and provide you with advice and support throughout.

Our plastics technology segment also includes products for machine tool manufacturing: We offer
machine cladding in the form of various protective panels, e.g. enclosures with highly abrasion-
resistant, multi-printed front panes. These are particularly durable and robust, so that even hoods
with complex bonding, which can be cold-formed or hot-bent on request, are guaranteed to last a
long time with consistently high quality.