Plastics technology

Benefit from years of experience and expertise in plastics processing. Together with you, we will develop the key to the success of your value chain, from complex hoods and covers for medical technology and machine construction to CNC-controlled production technologies.

Experience precision down to the smallest detail! One of our special strengths is CNC machining of acrylic glass with an extremely narrow tolerance range for use in analytical, medical and packaging technology. We also use cold forming, hot bending and tempering of transparent plastics. In addition, we produce plastic components with a high surface quality from all thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics available in the market (PE, PA, POM, PET, PEEK, PVDF, PC, PMMA). We make use of, for instance, high-quality semi-finished acrylic glass products of well-known companies like PLEXIGLAS® by EVONIK and MAKROLON® by Convestro AG.

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