WHM Christmas donation to social projects in Hanover region

This year, WHM has once again decided not to send Christmas cards and will instead help people in need of aid by donating to social projects in the Hanover region. The money will be going to the “Johanniter Kältebus Hannover” and the “Hannöversche Tafel”.

“Now that the year is coming to an end, we consider it extremely important to think of people less fortunate than us,” said WHM director Michael Ellinger. “The massive increase in energy costs and the cost of living hits vulnerable people the hardest. Both of these social projects provide incredibly valuable aid. With our donation, we would like to express our appreciation and support.”

The “Johanniter Kältebus Hannover” provides homeless people in the city centre with warm food, hot tea, clothing, hygiene products and sleeping bags. 27 volunteers have committed themselves to this project.

The “Hannöversche Tafel”, a food bank, provides people in need of aid with food and basic necessities. It is run with the aid of 140 volunteers throughout the region who help to collect and distribute the food.

Photo: Johanniter/Bettina Martin