WHM goes green!


WHM is providing a manufacturer of terrace roofs and carports with integrated photovoltaic (PV) elements with a newly designed rubber profile.

The rubber profile is intended for both sealing and fastening the PV elements in the aluminium profiles. It is extruded as a fixed length, then cuts are made by means of a water jet in several areas of the bottom section. This simplifies installation and routing of electrical connections.

A weather-, ozone-, and UV-resistant EPDM rubber was selected as the material. Years of experience in designing rubber profiles for manufacturers of soundproofing walls and the vertical integration of production at WHM (extrusion and water jet cutting) were the factors that convinced this customer.

The high efficiency of the systems (dual car port up to 4.5 kW depending on the design) helps reduce consumption of fossil fuels. If the carport is used as a refuelling point for electric vehicles, the operator also contributes significantly to reducing CO² emissions.

The length of the panes can be adjusted by means of a screw connection.
A suitable wrench for the purpose is supplied.

Garbsen, 02.03.2021
Wilhelm Herm. Müller GmbH & Co. KG