Vacuum belts

Perforated BRECO® and BRECOFLEX® timing belts are primarily used in conjunction with sections without tension members (to a limited degree also available as BRECOFLEX® timing belts) and sections with teeth that have been removed in the longitudinal direction, if they are to be used as suction belts in vacuum transport systems. The diversity of design options for BRECO® timing belts as vacuum timing belts and our extensive experience especially in this field opens up all kinds of applications from transport of sensitive films to metal blanks of several square metres in size. Aramid tension members are preferable for SYNCHROFLEX® timing belts.



The timing belt-pulley system BRECOvacuum is an effective solution for material handling systems. It is ideal for transporting e.g. light-weight foils and films, paper, panes of glass, wooden boards or thin metal sheets. Conventional transport systems working with vacuums required a special development that sometimes had to be designed from scratch by customers, design engineers and application engineers. Thanks to their unique technology, BRECOvacuumsystems move the transported goods in a simpler and safer manner than previously known technologies. This system is an “all-inclusive solution” offering a precisely coordinated component system. This innovative timing belt-pulley system provides maximum efficiency and prevents wear caused by insufficient tolerance adaptation of elements in relation to each other.

With BRECOvacuum you will benefit from a sophisticated design for the vacuum channel, which is made from a specially designed tension-member-free zone during production.


Properties (special technical features)

  • New development for safe, efficient transport thanks to effective vacuum technology
  • Nylon coating prevents unwanted sagging and jamming of the vacuum belt as a result of the suction effect
  • Nylon tooth facing (PAZ/coarse) and backing (PAR/fine)
  • Belt width: 50 mm or 75 mm, intermediate widths on request
  • Minimum length endless joined (V): 1200 mm
  • Vacuum hole diameter: 4 mm

Profile versions

  • optimised high performance profile AT10 VAC

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