Mechanical reworking

BRECO®, BRECOFLEX® and CONTI® SYNCHROFLEX polyurethane timing belts can be mechanically reworked to give them special features. Timing belts with reinforced backs are especially suitable for mechanical reworking, as they provide the design engineer with additional design options. It is important to note that the flexibility of timing belts with a thicker back is reduced and, therefore, they require larger pulley diameters.


Range of services

  • Timing belt milling: Contour milling, removing teeth, lengthwise/crosswise milling of the backs of belts/belt coating, special milling
  • Timing belt grinding: Face grinding, edge grinding, grinding belt backs to size, contour grinding of coating materials, lengthwise and crosswise grinding
  • Timing belt punching: Round, square, oval or customised through holes

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