Support rails

Types G, GC, F, FC, K, KC are available for transport timing belts with standard profiles and for timing belts with special profiles. We work with support rails made of polyethylene with a low friction coefficient. The belt span is initially deflected by the transported products. Guide rails are used as a constructional countermeasure. We offer guide rails with or without lateral guides. Guide rails are available as a standard product range, adapted to the timing belt width.


Properties (special technical features)

  • low friction coefficient (µ ≈ 0.3) between polyurethane timing belt and rail
  • the linear length expansion is 0.2 mm / 1°C temperature difference over 1,000 mm of length
  • the preferred delivery length is 2000 mm
  • sections of less than 2000 mm are available


  • Low-pressure polyethylene (is low-friction and wear-resistant)
  • The sliding friction between standard polyurethane and low-pressure polyethylene is µ ~ 0.3
  • The C profile is made of galvanised steel sheets – milled cut-outs are used to attach fastening screws
  • The C profile has no drill holes

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