Endless Schlatterer belt

The endless Schlatterer belt – an original belt that will impress you. Its absolute homogeneity leads to excellent running characteristics and a long service life. A wide range of different base materials and coats are available to provide any user with a tailor-made “Esband” belt. Be it as drive belt, weighing belt, conveyor belt, vacuum timing belt, food belt, vacuum belt, pulley lagging, scatter cloth, garniture tape or suction belt: Esband can be used anywhere.


Properties (special technical features)

  • Homogeneity: Esband offers uniform elongation values, tensile strengths and thickness tolerances over the entire length – with no possibility of weaknesses.
  • Flexibility: Esband is suitable for even the smallest bending radii, most frequent changes of bending directions and operation across knife edges.
  • Quiet running: Esband avoids noises caused by seams and runs extremely quietly.
  • Stability: Esband is bipolar – little elongation in the longitudinal direction and adaptable in the horizontal direction, it applies low pre-tensioning forces and minimal bearing loads.
  • Service: Thanks to individually tailored base materials and coatings, Esband ensures that the production processes are economical.

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