Conveyor belts

Our product range includes drive solutions for most common applications, ranging from stock items in standard dimensions to special belts based on your individual specifications.

We also supply endless woven belts without joints and open-length belts, which we can mechanically join to create endless belts on customer request.


Properties (special technical features)

  • excellent damping properties, high running stability, simple installation
  • on request, noise-reducing fabric on the running face
  • With the same surface and wrapping thickness on both sides, flat belt pulleys can be driven both by the front side of the belt and by the back side (applies only to endless flat belts).
  • Different end joints are available (tapered joints, V-joints, single or multiple finger joints, mechanical anchoring joints (e.g. alligator joint)
  • We supply endless woven flat belts in all common as well as tailor-made special formats (coatings, cut-outs, guide wedge, punched holes or intake slots)

Available dimensions:

  • We supply flat belts in all sizes up to a length of 60 m and a width from 4 mm to 2,000 mm, special lengths on request
  • Endless woven belts are available in lengths from 200 mm to 5,000 mm and widths up to 600 mm.

Do you have questions?

We would be glad to advise you on your specific product requirements.