New machines for cold bending and hot forming

Wilhelm Herm. Müller GmbH & Co. KG has made additional investments to expand its production range. Thanks to the purchase of new bending machines, the company can now cold-bend and hot-form significantly larger, thicker components made of a variety of plastics more effectively and faster.

More options for cold bending through purchase of a swing-folding machine
















Cold bending allows effective bending of the thermoplastic material Makrolon® polycarbonate up to 90°

The purchase of an electric swing-folding machine made it possible to significantly expand the range of available cold bending options. Now plastic parts made of Makrolon® with a thickness of up to 10 mm and a length of 2,500 cm can be bent to an angle of up to 90°. It goes without saying that WHM offers customers further processing steps on request, such as gluing, protective coats for finishing and removal of any bulges caused by bending.
Simple cold-bending of polycarbonate plates made of Makrolon® can make other processing options significantly less costly.

New manual bending machine: Hot forming of PETG & PMMA (PLEXIGLAS®)















The new hot bending machine makes it possible to perform several bending processes at the same time

The new manual bending machine expands the hot forming options for customers for the synthetic materials PETG and PLEXIGLAS®. The new machine makes larger radii possible, e.g. for use as covers or hoods with a working length of up to 3,000 cm. Eight heating zones – four each in the machine bed and the top section – heat up the plastic components quickly and effectively so that trained production staff can form them using specially made templates.
Thanks to this new acquisition, the available product range now includes material thicknesses of up to approximately 10 mm and simultaneous hot forming of multiple parts – this reduces the processing cost even further. This method, too, permits several forming processes and, on request, further processing with material allowances, e.g. milling with our 5-axis gantry milling machine.

Expertise & consulting at WHM

Our trained experts will be glad to help you with any questions regarding production and prior planning/design (including for serial parts) or further machining of the products.


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Garbsen 21 June 2023
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