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Transport and Packaging Regulations Version 01/2018
(all previous conditions hereby lose their validity)

I. General information

  1. The following transport and packaging regulations are an integral part of our terms and conditions of purchase, irrespective of the agreed delivery conditions.
  2. We shall only accept higher transport costs in the event of a change in the mode of dispatch granted by this provision if such a mode of dispatch is expressly prescribed by us.

II. Packaging

  1. Delivery on pallet: Dimensions: 1200mm x 800mm. The external dimensions of the consignments must not exceed 1500mm x 1100mm. It must be ensured that the goods are adequately secured (tightly strapped, packed with shrink film or similar non-slip material) and that a maximum overall height of 2000mm including pallet is not exceeded. Damage to the pallet must be avoided at all costs.
  2. Delivery in EURO mesh box: Dimensions: 1250mm x 850mm x 1000mm. It must be ensured that the goods do not protrude and that the mesh box is not damaged.
  3. With both delivery options, it must be ensured that the total weight per pallet or mesh box does not exceed 1000 kg. Handling by means of floor conveyors must be ensured.
  4. Sufficient packaging appropriate to the goods and safe for transport must be selected for all types of shipment. Transport damage not recognised by insurers due to inadequate packaging shall be borne by the supplier. The seller is free to insure the consignments at his own expense. Damage to the primer of cast products must be avoided during the entire handling and transport.

III. Dispatch of dangerous goods

The regulations for the transport of dangerous goods must be observed. The supplier shall be liable for all damages resulting from non-compliance with the statutory regulations. For the transport of dangerous goods, only type-approved packaging in accordance with the regulations of the individual classes in the ADR shall be used. The consignment note or delivery note shall be provided with the corresponding dangerous goods information (identification number, dangerous goods class, number, letter) in accordance with ADR. All packages containing dangerous goods must be clearly marked with the prescribed dangerous goods label. Information on water hazards is mandatory.

IV. Delivery

Each delivery must be accompanied by a corresponding delivery note, on which the following points must always be noted:

(1) Our order number.
(2) Quantity (if the quantity is distributed over several packaging units, it must also be noted which quantity is in which package/grid box. This information must also be clearly visible on the package/mesh box. The description of the articles on the delivery note must match the marking on the goods.
(3) In the case of a total delivery, partial delivery or residual delivery.
(4) In the case of combined shipments for different order forms/orders, the articles must be packed separately and identifiable or delivered in separate packages. Individual items must therefore be packed separately and labelled neutrally. A clear allocation without repacking of the items must be given. Cartons must be stacked on the pallets in such a way that the neutral labelling of the packages is clearly visible on the outside.
(5) If the goods are delivered in plastic bags or the like, it must also be ensured that the goods are clearly identified by means of neutral labelling. The bags must also be sent in cartons, on pallets or in wire mesh boxes.
(6) The labeling/identification of the goods and the packaging/dispatch packaging must be neutral (without reference to the supplier) (e.g.: cardboard box in neutral form incl. the adhesive tapes used for this purpose).
(7) If the goods are shipped in cartons, it must be ensured that these are sufficiently stable to prevent transport damage.

V. Conclusion note

Compliance with these transport and packaging regulations is checked by our incoming goods department. The specification

  • a wrong or no order number
  • delivery of the wrong goods
  • a missing delivery note
  • missing marking of the goods/packaging
  • delivery not neutral

lead to the creation of a defect log, which is included in the vendor evaluation.
In the event of non-compliance with the regulations, we reserve the right to return the goods free of charge to remedy the defect. This rejection does not fulfil the facts of a refusal of acceptance.

We expressly point out that in the event of non-compliance with the above points, our incoming goods department will forward a corresponding message to the responsible person in our company.

Costs incurred due to avoidable packaging errors and the associated additional costs will be charged to you.

This transport and packaging regulation replaces all previous transport and packaging regulations.

Download transport and packaging regulation 01/2018 (pdf-file)

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