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Conveyor V-belts

All over the world, our customers benefit from the high quality of our tried-and-tested FERROPAN conveyor V-belt. Time and time again, experience has shown that the belt’s excellent technical and chemical properties as well as its tolerance ranges are top-notch. It also provides a dual advantage: Conveyor V-belts are not just a simpler method for solving transport problems, but also cost significantly less.

Conveyor V-belts

Properties (special technical features)

  • rigid structure
  • accurate profile
  • short tensioning distances
  • long service life
  • resistant to oil and grease
  • resistant to tropical climates and flexible at low temperatures
  • easy to bend
  • small pulley diameters
  • low degree of lengthening during operation
  • high tear strengthnarrow length toleranceresistant to ageingmaintenance free

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