Special timing belts

Conveying, transporting, positioning, synchronising, cycling, separating – PU timing belts frequently have to be modified for specific applications. We offer the best solution for your task: Benefit from decades of experience in timing belt finishing. We take high-quality standard products and turn them into special timing belts suitable for even the most demanding applications.

From mechanical reworking to belt coating to profile welding – we offer a wide range of finishing processes and tailor them to your specific application.


    Whether you require positive-fit transport of goods or cycling processes with precise positioning, cam belts guarantee a secure connection between the back of the belt and the cams for perfect function. We use state-of-the-art production processes such as friction welding and a range of cams that currently includes 3,000 injection moulds and welding profiles tailored to specific customers.

    Cam belts

    Suction belts are primarily used for vacuum transport systems, for instance to transport sensitive films or large metal blanks. In our manufacturing shop, we mill, grind and punch timing belts to tailor them to customer requirements.

    Vacuum belts

    Our range of coating options includes Supergrip, Linatex, HV film, PU yellow and many other materials as well as special coatings and colours for PU and rubber timing belts. One of our specialities is a Linatex coat with no joint.

    Coated belts

    Mechanical reworking can increase the application range of timing belts significantly, be it to improve running smoothness, adapt belts to special applications or many other options. Many years of experience, qualified personnel and optimised production methods as well as special machinery ensure optimum product quality.

    Mechanical reworking

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