Pulleys / Components

Timing belts develop their full potential only in precise interaction with their connecting components. We offer a range of components that is tailored precisely to the respective timing belt.


    We offer aluminium and steel synchronous pulleys that are precisely adapted to our range of timing belts. One of our particular strengths is the production of tailor-made pulleys. We also supply synchronous shafts in different sizes, profiles and designs.

    Synchronous pulleys

    Select from a range of tension pulleys in all sizes and designs. In addition, we supply special tension pulleys for polyurethane timing belt drives using BRECO® / BRECOFLEX® and CONTI® SYNCHROFLEX to facilitate adjustment of the belt pre-tensioning force.

    Tension pulleys

    We supply conventional tension plates and special tension plate systems for adjusting the pre-tensioning force. One of these systems is BRECO®-fix, which was developed especially for BRECO® timing belt drives.

    Tension plates

    We have a huge selection: Our product range includes connector clamps with and without holes for standard and special profiles such as T, AT, ATS, BAT, BATK, imperial size profiles or the HTD profile.

    Connector clamps

    We supply V-belt pulleys in pre-drilled or fully drilled versions, as taper pulley with a bush or as special design based on your specific requirements. We also offer dynamic balancing of V-belt pulleys on request.

    V-belt pulleys

    All support rails in our product range are available with C profiles made of zinc-plated sheet steel for simple installation or without C profiles for custom fastening. The support rails of our product range consist of polyethylene, which has a low friction coefficient.

    Support rails

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