CONTI® POLYFLAT flat belts

With its higher flexibility and traction, the CONTI® POLYFLAT flat belt makes it possible to design compact drives with a significantly smaller pulley diameter than conventional steel cable drives. Traction sheaves with a diameter of 100 mm or less permit use of space-saving gear motors. These polyurethane timing belts, which are reinforced with steel cables, are incredibly flexible, abrasion-resistant and long-lived. Galvanised steel makes them practically corrosion-free, their polyurethane coat creates higher traction and more efficient power transmission. Together with e.g. spherical pulleys, they guarantee excellent power transmission and great running characteristics.


Properties (special technical features)

  • temperature-resistant from -30 °C to +80 °C
  • suitable for welded connection to thermoplastic materials
  • wear resistant
  • silicone-free raw materials and production
  • resistant to petrol and benzene
  • resistant to oil and grease
  • resistant to UV radiation and ozone
  • tropical climate resistant
  • suitable for reverse bending / back tension rollers
  • maintenance free
  • hydrolysis resistant

CONTI® POLYFLAT flat belt profiles

  • Profile: HF; belt width (mm): 10 – 100
  • Profile: HP; belt width (mm): 10 – 120
  • Profile: HS; belt width (mm): 10 – 120
  • Profile: XHP; belt width (mm): 15 – 120
  • Profile: XHP II; belt width (mm): 25 – 75
  • Profile: XHS; belt width (mm): 40 – 150
  • Profile: XHS II; belt width (mm): 85 – 150

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