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Polyurethane timing belts BRECO®

With BRECO® and BRECOFLEX® timing belts we offer you a wide range of products and applications, from different belt coats to equipment with various carrier profiles.

  • BRECO® timing belts

    Precise movements, accurate positioning: The BRECO® timing belt is the first choice for special transport tasks in conveyor systems. It provides design engineers with a drive that is particularly suitable for implementing linear movements.

    BRECO® timing belts
  • BRECOFLEX® timing belts

    Great transmission accuracy, ideal running behaviour, high power density: BRECOFLEX® timing belts reveal their strengths in applications from simple two-shaft drives to multi-shaft drives, but in particular in drives requiring high power transmission and in positioning applications.

    BRECOFLEX® timing belts
  • BRECOFLEXmove® BRECOmove®

    Compact designs, reduced friction, greater power transmission: The innovative PU timing belts BRECOFLEXmove® and BRECOmove®, which were specially developed for heavy-duty drives and traction drives with extremely high demands for rigidity, are capable of particularly high power transmission.

    BRECOFLEXmove® BRECOmove®
  • BRECOprotect®

    Food inspection authorities have high demands– BRECOprotect® meets them perfectly. This timing belt offers maximum hygiene during food processing and in the pharmaceutical industry, with easy cleaning properties and great resistance to wetness.

  • BRECO® ATN system

    Flexibility is standard for the BRECO® ATN system timing belt, which was specially designed for transport systems. Its profile fastening mechanisms are easy to install and replace, making it possible to integrate various profile materials such as metal, plastic or ceramics.

    BRECO® ATN system
  • BRECObasic®

    Attractively priced brand product for linear and transport systems: BRECObasic® is characterised by a high product quality and a wide range of application options, e.g. feeding and discharge or destacking of glass and wood pallets.

  • BRECOgreen

    Smart optimisation of material use: With a renewable material content of 37%, BRECOgreen combines economy and ecology. At the same time, it is just as durable and long-lasting as timing belts made of oil-based thermoplastic polyurethane.


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