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The BRECOprotect polyurethane timing belt is the perfect choice for the high demands of contact with food. The product range with the characteristic blue colour meets the conformity criteria of FDA regulations CFR § 177, the European Directives (EC) 1935-2004, (EU) No. 10/2011 and the EC Directives 90/128/CEE and 96/11/CE.

BRECOprotect is suitable even for humid ambient conditions and contact with sensitive products. The steel cord tension members are completely embedded in the polyurethane and protected against corrosion. This avoids the effects of hydrolysis and premature expensive timing belt replacements. The timing belts are manufactured without grooves in the tooth gaps to avoid the deposit of concealed and difficult-to-remove soiling, facilitating the cleaning processes required in food production.

BRECOprotect polyurethane timing belts are available as open length or endless joined products with the profiles AT10 PRO, AT15 PRO and T10 PRO.

Garbsen, April 2013
Wilhelm Herm. Müller GmbH & Co. KG

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BRECOprotect® linear technology

BRECOprotect® conveyor technology

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