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With the BRECO® AT profile heavy-duty timing belts Wilhelm Herm. Müller GmbH & Co. KG can now present polyurethane timing belts with a tooth shear strength increased by 20 % in comparison with the previous product range. This permits construction of significantly more compact drives and even higher precision. The manufacturer BRECO Antriebstechnik achieved this significant increase in capacity through “fine tuning” of many process parameters and the PU material.

The increased product precision reduces the very small but inevitable relative movement of the timing belt on the pulleys and therefore the contact temperature. In addition, the optimised geometrical correspondence between the timing belt and the pulley creates a tooth engagement with an even more reduced friction path, a better tension distribution and therefore a lower peak load on the tooth. Furthermore, the improved quality of the high-tensile steel cord tension member and the bifilar coiling have a positive effect on the running behaviour of the belt drive.

WHM offers the BRECO® AT heavy-duty timing belts as endless (BRECOFLEX®) and endless welded open belts (BRECO®).

Simply click one of these links to access the online product catalogue and Mulco belt-pilot calculation program:

BRECOFLEX® AT heavy-duty profiles, drive technology
BRECO ®AT heavy-duty profiles, linear technology
BRECO® AT heavy-duty profiles, conveyor technology

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